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Emergence of Spirit: Expression from the Self Within, a runway hairshow

August 19, 2011PamelaNews

A live art hairshow runway exhibition
By Michele Chillook
Sunday Sept. 18, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:00)

ReVolt: Voices from the Warehouse District VII
10th and Jackson Streets, Dubuque, Iowa, in the Historic Millwork District.

“It’s renegade,” said Michele Chillook about the concept behind her runway hairshow, scheduled for Sunday, September 18th at the Voices Warehouse Gallery. A local photographer and cosmetologist with experience in creating over-the-top, edgy looks for professional photo sessions, Chillook plans an evening of music, dance, and outlandishly elaborate runway fashion designs.

“I think of Emergence of Spirit as my coming out as an artist.”

Doors will open at 7:00 p.m. for an opportunity to relax with a beverage and enjoy the art gallery. Event goers can listen to acoustic tunes and vocals by local musician Maureen Kilgore, whose premiere of an original piece will be accompanied by a Julliard-trained dancer. Then the pace will pick up for a techno-vibe soundtrack to a radical runway experience starting at 8:00 p.m.

Other stylists, makeup artists, and models will assist Chillook in using clothing, jewelry, and hair designs to push the line and disprove “the perception that things are different, and they’re bad because they’re different.” She linked the runway hairshow to the ReVolt theme of this year’s Voices gallery. “I think of Emergence of Spirit as my coming out as an artist.”

“I’ve had to break out of a box already, just to be who I am,” said Chillook. As a hair stylist, Chillook’s creative edginess is sought after by her Dubuque area clients. “I feel that people come to me because I have allowed that inner repression to be an expression.”

In Emergence of Spirit: Expression from the Self Within, she is encouraging the other participating stylists to burst beyond repression to display their wildest design ideas. “It’s that part of you inside that says, ‘Come on, just do this,’ and you keep saying no, no, shoving it down instead of letting it out.”

Adorned with finely crafted jewelry along with hairstyles inspired by original outfits, Chillook’s models will wear designs that exemplify expanding beyond the constraints of society.  For instance, she plans to fabricate a pair of outfits using Styrofoam, “to demonstrate the re-creation of the box we’re put in.” First appearing on the runway as a model clothed in Styrofoam boxes, the Styrofoam will return, metamorphosed into an entirely different and more genuine wardrobe.

Chillook plans another outfit devised from clothing labels, as a commentary on judging individual people by labels. Offering herself as an example, she said, “I’m a cosmetologist, but there’s so much more.” She envisions the hairshow exhibition as a gut-level, creative self-expression that acts against the forces that tell us who we should be, how we should live.

Time — Chillook’s “artistic challenge” in her working life — will be shattered by an outfit adorned with watches and timepieces, in a design still in the conceptual phase. In addition, a model wearing only black light body paint, with exuberantly colored hair, will “demonstrate aspects of our nature that we try to cover up with material things.”

Art and fashion lovers are invited to attend the Emergence of Spirit runway hairshow exhibit on September 18th for a visual ReVolt against society’s expectations. Enjoy live music from local songstress Maureen Kilgore at 7:00 p.m. with limited hors d’oeuvres, followed at 8:00 by live art on the runway, with models styled head to toe in original designs.

Dubuque actress Chrissy Hogue will act as MC, and Luminous Life Photography from Galena, Illinois, will be on hand to photograph the event. According to artist and event stylist Michele Chillook, Emergence of Spirit: Expression from the Self Within  will celebrate the irrepressible “freedom to do it our way.”

ReVolt: Revolt against the illusion that the responsibility for cultivating of a cultural society lies beyond the individual and the family. Arts education promotes free expression, creates innovative problem solving, and stimulates constructive dialogue in a peaceful context.
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About the author: A writer and social media specialist, Pamela can be found at creativedubuque.com

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